Maza Gilde Small Guild
The Senior Room
The ceiling of the Senior Room are painted with wax paints and gilded in 1888 (painter V.Harmsen). 34 emblems of crafts-corporations are placed on metal shields of the ceiling plane. For each crafts-corporation the foundation year is indicated, but for some also the existence time of it. In the centre of the ceiling a brass chandelier made in 1854 is suspended.
The wooden finish of 1888 has remained in the room – panels, pilasters, ceiling profiles, shutters. Two mirrors are left between windows made in pseudo-gothic forms, but on walls– Lincrusta tapestry made in 1888.
All five windows of the hall have got stained-glass panels made by A.S.Freystadtl at the atelier in Hanover. In the upper part of the windows are 10 stained-glass lockets with portraits of benefactors for the Guild placed in. In the locket is around each portrait the surname and donation of the benefactor displayed. In the lower part of the stained-glass windows 10 portraits of crafts seniors are shown in their traditional clothing and under each of them is the crafts emblem and his surname displayed.
In the central part of the parquet floor is made a star in incrustation techniques. At the wall one can see a neo-gothic stove made of tiles and exhibiting two figures holding shields with coat of arms from Livland and Riga.
Address: Maza Gilde, 3/5 Amatu Str., Riga LV1050, Latvia
Tel.: +371 67223772, +371 67037418
Contact person: Lilita Laine

Photo by Leons Balodis, Olegs Kotovics & Romualds Pipars