Romualds Pipars
Head of "GILDE" & Creative head of "Gilde"
Tel. +371 29508441

Baiba Urbane
Production Manger
Tel. +371 67210022
Our Technical Service Include

Producing - Films on 35mm & Video

Film shuting

Organizing filming in Latvia
Choise of Location

35mm, off-line & on-line editing

Sound editing


Photo for Sale

Access to a unique film 35mm & video-archive
of major events and sights in Latvia since 1961


Produced documentaries

Projects in production & development

STUDIO was established in 1958 and at present is located in the historic building of Maza Gilde Small Guild in the very heart of Riga, in Old Riga. Since 1991 due to changes in management and legal status of the company, the strategy of the film studio has been altered. The studio has purchased professional 35 mm shooting and editing equipment that ensures almost complete production cycle. The studio mainly produces documentaries and popular science films. Special attention is paid to establishing co-productions with overseas and local television companies.

The Small Guild History

The Location of the Small Guild
GILDE Film Studio
Amatu 5, LV 1050, Riga, Latvia,
Tel./Fax +371 67210022